Planning & Organizing a Web Site

When creating a web site, you can never over plan or over organize. Regardless if you are developing and creating the site yourself or you hire a professional, you will most likely be involved in planning, organizing and preparing material for the site. Step 1 - What’s the purpose? Decide what the purpose of your site will be. You need to first know what you plan to do. Is the site just for fun or do you have a specific goal? If for a specific goal, right down the purpose, then break down … [Read more...]

Marketing Your Company

Marketing your business is an important aspect of insuring your company’s longevity. Whether  you set a side a monthly budget or have no budget, simple yet consistent marketing is necessary.  Listed below are some suggestions: • Carry Business cards at all times (you never know when or where a client will come) • Ask clients why they hired your company and solicit suggestions for improvement • Develop a brochure of your services or products • Send hand written Thank You notes • … [Read more...]


Q. For our stationery we want to use raised printing like thermography. Is this processes laser compatible? A. Although thermography is inexpensive, it is essentially a “plastic” ink that has been heated to give a raised effect. If your laser printer is hot enough, thermography will make a mess out of both stationery and printer. A better form of raised printing is Engravalith. You could also engrave your stationery, but this process is very expensive. Ask the Expert is a column which … [Read more...]

Microsoft Access

Q. We are looking to upgrade our Access database to include all departments and remote offices. However, this means Macs and PCs will now need to use the database. Can we continue to use Access? A. The short answer is no, not directly. I recommend researching the cost to move your database to FileMaker Pro. This database integrates well with Microsoft Office and is cross platform compatible. Ask the Expert is a column which helps provide solutions for the small business owner. Our Expert … [Read more...]

Top 10 Pitfalls

Statistics state that half of all small businesses will fail in the first 5 years, a challenge even for the well thought out plans. But most of these pitfalls, once you identify them, can be changed to work in your favor and increase your odds of staying in business. Avoid these top 10 pitfalls if you want to stay in business: Procrastination. The saying is true "Don't but off until tomorrow what you can do today". The piles don't get smaller with success and if not dealt with can … [Read more...]

File Management

Q. I have a hard time finding files and applications on my computer. How can I locate what I'm looking for? A. Let's take this from a different approach. A computer is no different than the filing cabinets, in boxes, desks, garbage cans, etc. that are in your office. Or for that matter, it's no different than your son's or daughter's room (now we all know that can be scary). Organization is the key. Put all your applications into the Program Files or the Applications directory, then make … [Read more...]

Database Estimate

Q. This is my first experience developing a database. When asking a consultant for an estimate, should I have to pay for this estimate? A. Let's break this down into two parts; 1) an estimate and 2) a spec or needs analysis. For the estimate you should not have to pay anything. It's just that, an estimate based on what it has taken to complete a similar project in the past. An estimate is usually based on an hourly rate and will usually be given in a range such as $10,000 to … [Read more...]

The Broadcast Media an Excellent Way To Promote Your Business

By Betty vonLiebermann Give up the struggle! One of the best ways to gain valuable publicity for your business is to be a guest on local radio and television talk show programs. Appearances on radio and television programs help to set you up as the "Expert" in your field. Many of the shows are call-in programs and quite often listeners will call-in with questions. This gives you the opportunity to make the listeners more knowledgeable about your area of expertise and you may gain a … [Read more...]