Microsoft Access

Q. We are looking to upgrade our Access database to include all departments and remote offices. However, this means Macs and PCs will now need to use the database. Can we continue to use Access? A. The short answer is no, not directly. I recommend researching the cost to move your database to FileMaker Pro. This database integrates well with Microsoft Office and is cross platform compatible. Ask the Expert is a column which helps provide solutions for the small business owner. Our Expert … [Read more...]

Database Estimate

Q. This is my first experience developing a database. When asking a consultant for an estimate, should I have to pay for this estimate? A. Let's break this down into two parts; 1) an estimate and 2) a spec or needs analysis. For the estimate you should not have to pay anything. It's just that, an estimate based on what it has taken to complete a similar project in the past. An estimate is usually based on an hourly rate and will usually be given in a range such as $10,000 to … [Read more...]

DPD Builders

One of our original clients, DPD Builders has been building magnificent homes in the elite areas of Northern Westchester County, New York and Fairfield County, Connecticut for over 29 years. DPD Builders was due for a major upgrade, so we migrated their FileMaker 6 solution to FileMaker 9. We made numerous enhancements and updates. Below are examples of their redesigned system as well as screen shots of their original system. We also designed and created the DPD Builders website and … [Read more...]